Sunday, June 26, 2011

Donor Push

Hey guys,

If you're following my blog at all you know that I'm a huge supporter of the Mario Marathon.  The Marathon is currently on day three and as of right now they have raised over $58,000 worth of donations and I'm so very proud, humbled and amazed to see that $1197.60 $1222.60 of that has come through this blog, placing me in the fourth spot for Partner Sites.  You guys ROCK, but I know we can do better than this.

For the next hour three hours (it is currently 12:20 PDT) the person who donates the most amount of money for the Mario Marathon through my blog I will write a post of their choosing.  Now obviously, there are some conditions: I will not write a post that violates the well established rules of the Mario Marathon itself (no cursing, no hating, no adult subject matter) but other than that it's fair game! 

So send those donations in and let's raise some money for sick kids!

Much love and good luck!

PS:  In order for me to know that you've donated through my blog (you can refer this site's URL through the MarioMarathon website when donating.  The url is and how much you've donated and what you want the post to be about, you will need to either comment on this post or tweet me at @stjohn_hippo.  At the end of the hour, I will the Mario Marathon guys and then get cracking on the post.

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