Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adventures in Customer Service: UPDATE

So I got a call from a supervisor of the Scene Points program today.  She apologized up and down for their impersonal customer service and massive delay in getting me the points.  She explained that they did have trouble finding the SMS message that was sent to me amid the thousands of messages that were sent to and from Scene customers and apologized that it wasn't clearly explained to me in my previous attempts to get the points credited to my account.

She told me that I would be getting the points put into my account in no longer than 24 hours from now plus she awarded me an additional bit of points (in fairness to Scene, I'm not going to disclose the number of points).  That was really cool of them to call me directly to apologize and tell me about they plan on making things right.  The bonus points was pretty cool too.  That was completely unexpected and not something I was angling for.  I just wanted the free movie points that I won.  She ended the call, apologizing for about the tenth time.

So I'm pleased a punch now.

As I sit here typing out this blog, I get another call.  It was the supervisor again, calling to let me know that the points have been added to my account (no less than 5 minutes after our previous conversation) and that she checked personally to make sure that it went through and she wanted to let me know this.

Wow!  That additional call was totally unneeded and totally amazing customer service.  In those few short moments, she totally eradicated all the negativity I was feeling towards them.  Good customer service costs you nothing, bad customer can cost you millions.  They seem to be aware of this, and took the right steps to prove that.

Thank you Kirsten and thank you Scene!

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