Sunday, April 24, 2011

So check this out...

My partner, a PoliSci Honours grad from UBC, has made a few posts that will help inform you of the candidates in certain ridings.  Check out the following links to see if he's written up a summary for your riding.  If he hasn't, he has been known to take requests... just saying.  This also includes some general Federal Election posts.

Below are links, broken down by riding:

New Westminster/Coquitlam
Burnaby/New Westminster
North Vancouver
Victoria Also: Victoria Update
Vancouver South Also: Why Meena Wong isn't a serious candidate and Ujjal Dosanjh voted for HST

Now, if you wish him to write up one for your riding, please bear in mind that he has a full time job and a family, and the election is coming up shortly, so you may not get one, or get one in a timely manner.

People are dying for the right to vote.  Don't disrespect those people by not getting out to vote.  Advanced voting is available tomorrow, April 25th, 2011 from 12 - 8 and general voting is May 2nd from 7 - 7.  If you haven't yet registered (why haven't you?), go to to find out how.

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