Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cherry blossoms, ftwwtf.

In the cherry blossom's shade/ there's no such thing/ as a stranger. - Kobayashi Issa (1763 - 1828)
I love cherry blossoms. There's nothing that announces spring's arrival quite like them. Seeing them fills me with a sense of hope and new beginnings. The air smells more fresh, the sky more bright, and the grass more green.

I'm waxing poetic, I know, but there's something so joyful about them and in this time of uncertainty, it's good to have these around to remind us of the beauty that still surrounds.

That being said, oh my god, they are trying to kill me! The weather has been rather... bi-polar these past few months, and I think that's affected the pollen levels to a degree. It just came out of no where too. For most of this week, I was fine, and then all of a sudden, my face feels funny, the roof of my mouth scratchy and my eyes itchy and simultaneously dry and watery. Is it possible to have a pollen overdose?

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